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Game Name # Status Current Player Game Limit
Kibitz Password Beatrice's War 2/2 Finished 1 day
Kibitz Monday 4/4 Initial Placement 1 day
Kibitz The Risk 3/3 Playing rajkoz 12 hours
Kibitz Ice and Fire 3/3 Initial Placement 12 hours
Kibitz 4-4-4-4 4/4 Initial Placement 1 day
Kibitz Glamdring open 2/3 Playing SilverEagle 6 hours
Kibitz Password the ethans paw 2/2 Playing Ezelizer 2 days
Kibitz Password Tillamook sucks 2/2 Initial Placement 2 days
Kibitz Birthday War 2/3 Playing SilverEagle 12 hours
Kibitz war of corpses 3/4 Initial Placement 1 day
Kibitz New overnight 2/2 Finished 12 hours
Kibitz goblin guns 3/3 Initial Placement 1 hours
Kibitz 4-4-4-4 4/4 Playing Hymir 6 hours
Kibitz 3 3 3 3/3 Initial Placement 5 minutes
Kibitz Password Rowdyz 5.0 8/8 Playing killswitchnow 1 day
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About the game

Risk Attack is a FREE online multiplayer war game, similar to the popular strategic board game.

The game is absolutely FREE!

We introduced tournaments as a new feature with rewarding cash prizes. Click on Tournaments for a list of current tournaments and further information.

Enjoy the game!





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